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               "এখানে বাংলায় পড়ুন"          

A set up in the central unit of NMM Company.

Any person can earn daily, whether he is a small business owner, employed, unemployed or retired.  (Only you must be above 20 years of age)

 There is no time and place restriction in this job, only a mobile phone is needed to make money
New Mobile Media (NMM) company collaborates with thousands of companies to promote their brands around the world. The company receives orders based on professional advertising performance. Those customer companies pay the advertising fee to the NMM company. This NMM company distributes a lot of work to people like you and pays a percentage of the advertising fee to the individuals. Those individuals are called promoters.

In the past this advertising task was very complex and required forwarding a lot of ad links daily.  Now NMM company has developed a system and tool in collaboration with Google and Microsoft company that can boost the function of forwarding ads in one click tool and quickly forward hundreds, thousands and thousands of ads in few seconds.  could.  Get a lot of rupees.  Make money every day

 If you engage few more promoters then you can earn more Rupees.

Here is a short list of brands you promote

You can register on the website in the link given below.  It is free to register.

 Then when you choose your suitable machine for your permanent work.

Or you can see trial with 3 days test machine at nominal cost and then decide a suitable permanent machine.  

Whenever you choose to upgrade your machine, the cost of the existing machine will be refunded to you.

 The link is here:

              "REGISTER HERE"

As soon as you register on the website or have any difficulty in registration please contact in WhatsApp:

 Click on my WhatsApp link given below:


You will get your complete guidance on how to proceed and achieve your goal.

 Whether they want monthly salary or daily wage, this is the ideal project for them. Work 5 Minutes Every Day To Get Your Daily Wage

 With regard to cost there are different categories of machines which can generate different amount of work and pay you according to the quantity of work.

Newbies who have any question in their mind can try the 3 day trial machine at nominal cost and get the results.

 Whenever you convert a trial machine to a permanent machine, you will get a full refund of the cost of your existing machine.

 Whoever owns a permanent machine, wants to upgrade his existing machine by a higher class machine, will also get a full refund of the cost of his existing machine.

The different categories of machines available are given in the corner with cost price and daily, monthly and yearly income details.

Entire work is streamlined by software device so you can perform all functions remotely by your own Android phone. You can do your work just by spending 5 minutes, that also by sitting in comfort of your home.

No need to carry the machine to your home. You can change ownership of machine in few steps from your mobile.

 This is a trial machine to gain your trust. It will work only for 3 days in a row.

Here are some permanent machines, you can access any one for your lifetime use or can upgrade if you wish anytime.

Price of each machine given in line of category of machine. Daily income, Monthly, Yearly Income are all shown with each category of machine.

So don't waste time to understand your daily income.


To adopt any machine, first register yourself, get your "home page" to continue your work, any machine of your choice can be obtained by you from your home page only.


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